FAQ: Doula Services

We understand babies cost a lot of money. However, when you realize that you have one shot at this pregnancy and birth for this baby and that it truly is one of the most momentous and special days in your life as a family – the answer is simple.  A little more money spent towards preparing for the best birth possible is absolutely worth it!  And since a doula reduces the risk of epidurals and cesareans, this investment saves you money in the long run, since epidurals can cost up to $2000-$5000.  We have never heard of anyone hiring a Doula and regretting it.  They deepen the beauty of the birth experience, reduce your fear, and believe in you – which really is priceless and timeless as you will remember the day you gave birth forever.

Short answer – a good Doula enhances it!  A Doula should not be in the way of the couple or take over the partners role in any way. When partners are nervous or anxious, a Doula is a great aid in making sure they find ways to be included in ways they are comfortable with.  It becomes a team effort, as the husband is there to love and adore his wife, while the Doula is there to be the professional birth support offering suggestions and ideas on all things labour related.  She also can help by giving breaks to the Dad for meals, sleep or just a breather which is often very beneficial.  He can relax so much more knowing his partner is not alone.

Not at all!  Doulas are helpful for all birth situations.  Many times, with a Doula’s support a natural birth is more possible and it increases the outcome for a vaginal birth.  For those that request pain medication there is still a need for strong birth support, because emotionally and mentally the mother still benefits from a birth companion.

“Some women find that after they receive an epidural, the hospital staff and others around them almost “forget” as if they exist anymore.  The focus seems to turn solely toward the fetal monitor, the blood pressure cuff, and the IV fluids and/or medication–but not toward the woman who is still laboring. While a Doula does not play as active of a role after a mother receives an epidural, her attention is still always turned toward the laboring woman.  Whether she is reminding and/or assisting you in changing positions, “tucking you in” so that you can sleep, reminding you to ask questions about recommended interventions, or simply continuing supporting you emotionally, you are always her primary focus!”  – Birthing Beautiful Ideas

We believe there are four cornerstones to a strong birth team.  There is a need for each one of these people in the birth team as they each fill a different role for the best support in birth.

  1. A supportive doctor or midwife whose ultimate goal is to medically give the Mom and Baby a safe birth and intervene if problems arise.
  2. The nurse is someone whose function is to medically monitor the health of Mom and Baby throughout labour.
  3. The partner is the beloved coach that gives love and affection to his partner while he himself transitions into fatherhood.
  4. The Doula offers constant physical and emotional support. She is with the Mom from the start of labour until the baby is born.  Unlike the other medical staff who often have other patients they are busy with, she is by the couples side throughout the entire process.  A Doula does not make any medical calls, but she does guide the couple in making educated decisions that best serve their birth wishes.

Half of the package fee is required upon hiring and signing of the contract. We are officially your doula at that point, available for questions, guidance or just a listening ear.  The remaining doula fee is to be paid in full by 36 weeks gestation.  We take credit cards to make things a whole lot easier for expectant parents (we know you got a lot going on!)
We do allow payment plans for those that need accommodations.  We take limited clients per month, and asses availability in accordance to your due date.

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Our assistance as a Doula can still be used and is very beneficial for planned cesareans.  It’s a misconception that cesarean births don’t need support. The role is a bit different as there isn’t a labour process, but birth support is even more necessary for cesarean births so you still have an empowered and family centered birth experience.
We will educate you on all your choices and create a birth plan you feel excited about.  We will meet with you and your partner before the cesarean to help ground you and prepare you for the transitional moments of becoming a Mother and Father (remember, that’s what’s happening!  It’s not just surgery – you are becoming a family!)  We will advocate to your birth team for your birth desires and will be there to help with initial breastfeeding and skin to skin contact.
After the birth, your doula will be there to support you in your postpartum recovery at your home and help fill the gaps as you bond with baby and heal… laundry, cooking, cleaning, help with breastfeeding etc.

At Baby Nest we work as backups for each other with our fellow Doulas to ensure that you are supported if something out of our control comes up. This rarely happens but we have a system just in case so the client is always taken care of.

Hiring someone to be there at the birth of your child is a very personal experience.  Meet and interview many different people and then follow your instinct.  Who did you have the best connection with?  Who did you feel most heard and supported by?  Whose personality did you and your partner most enjoy?  Who offered the skills and tools that sounded most beneficial to you?  Who brought you the most comfort?