FAQ: Placenta Encapsulation

Each placenta is unique and has a different size and mass. Depending on the size and the choice of preparation it usually ranges between 115-200.

We use disposable cutting boards and knives for each client. Our equipment is washed with antibacterial soap, rinsed and then soaked in a 20 minute medical required bleach solution 1:10. The equipment is then rinsed one more time. This is the OSHA medical system for sanitation.

The most important thing is that it is kept cold until your specialist arrives. Keep in the fridge or on ice at all times. Some hospitals and birth centers will put it in a holding fridge until it is picked up. Other hospitals won’t hold it for you. In that case, just just take to your car or put with personal belongings until we arrive. MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT GO TO PATHOLOGY where formaldehyde is used and then encapsulation is not viable. We require that you provide a hot/cold freezer bag and keep the placenta covered in ice until our arrival. As long as it is kept in ice, it is safe until we are able to pick it up.

Encapsulation itself can be done by anyone, however ensuring the quality and care of your precious placenta was our goal in becoming certified and following these high standards of care is our goal. What makes someone a Placenta Specialist is a formal intensive training and certifications. There is a high degree and need for safety surrounding the placenta process and it is important that we be fully knowledgeable and educated when offering this service to clients. Certification teaches the normality of placentophagy and also to look for abnormalities when the placenta is not viable or advised to be consumed.

Absolutely! I can encapsulate in either my personal work space or your home. If home is desired then travel expenses would be added. Our home studios are kept clean and up to medical codes for sanitation to keep our clients safe. Some specialists only encapsulate in the clients home, but we feel that life is busy enough after a baby, and to keep the process simpler mamas love that we process the placenta in our home studios.

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You are not alone! Many women believe in placenta benefits but are not loving the whole idea of eating it. That’s why hiring a Specialist is so helpful! You never have to look at it or touch a thing. I pick it up from you and bring it back to you all prepared in capsules – looking just like a regular vitamin. You can choose colored and flavored capsules to reduce the “ick” factor even more. And do know, this is becoming much more common in this country. Moms are talking and sharing their experiences which is spreading the word about this initially odd idea and how it has helped them.

After your baby is born we accept phone calls and texts for pickup between 7am-10pm. We guarantee same day pick up. The number you will contact is 360-525-3432.

Most likely it’s no problem at all! We verify the safety of all medications and may need to adjust the heat or method to make sure the medication becomes unstable and safe for encapsulation. We do a quick birth intake at pickup to go over any information we may need to create the safest encapsulation for each client.

If this occurs, you are welcome to phone us anytime and I can guide you through the process. First thing to do is to ask them to just take a sample of it and do proper testing. Often times Moms can get a fever from an epidural and the doctor may suggest she has an infection. This can be simply ruled out by running a test on the placenta and this is your right to request.

For those babies that have passed meconium (first poop while in the womb), encapsulation is still completely viable! We may use an apple cider vinegar soak first and if placenta is very saturated, we will use the Balanced Method and steam it before dehydration.

If we have picked up your placenta and see abnormalities or a reason that it is not a healthy encapsulation, we will let you know. This rarely happens, but our goal is to provide the healthiest and safest experience for you and sometimes that includes NOT using the placenta.

If we are unable to provide encapsulation with your placenta, it would be cleaned and ready for burial or if you’d prefer, not returned to you. You will also receive a placenta print and cord keepsake if you request. The $50 deposit is retained to cover the cost of client communication, travel and inspection supplies.

If the placenta is unable to be encapsulated due to infection, half of the deposit is refundable.

If the client changed their mind or did not contact Baby Nest for placenta pickup, the $50 deposit is retained.

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“When I started taking the capsules I noticed an increase in energy and I rarely felt exhausted like everyone told me I would. I also noticed my mood was elevated, which gave me much more confidence as a new mom. I will encapsulate with every child I have!”
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