What is a Doula?

As Doulas in the Portland, Oregon areas, we are trained and experienced birth professionals who guide and support families during one of the most important times in their lives; pregnancy, the labour process and birth.

Birth is better when you don’t feel alone

As much as having a baby is pure joy and a dream come true, the idea of birth can also feel scary and overwhelming to most women. There are so many negative perceptions of birth, but we truly believe that a positive birth can be experienced by all if they have a supportive birth team. Having a female birth companion can change your experience in an amazing way. Making the Mom feel comfortable, respected, heard and honored is our goal as a Doula. Birth is better when you don’t feel alone or afraid, and with the constant support of a partner and a Doula, this can change everything.

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Birth is better when you don't feel alone or afraid. The constant support of a partner and a Doula can change everything!

Meet Our Doulas

Baby Nest Doulas Guide You to Have an Easier Birth

  • Provide information and emotional support in pregnancy.
  • Help coordinate prenatal resources for optimal health in pregnancy.
  • Provide physical and emotional comfort measures in labour.
  • Advocate for your birth wishes and support your choices.
  • Encourage and support the partner so they are confident to help Mom in the labour process and feel part of the birth experience.
  • Ensure you are adjusting well as a new family after birth.
  • Be your personal birth guide that listens, guides, comforts, assures, encourages and cares.
  • Celebrates your birth story and makes sure you are set up for breastfeeding success and life with a newborn.
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Benefits of a Hiring a Birth Doula

It has been medically documented that the presence of a Doula can positively impact the birth experience, providing countless benefits for the Mom, Dad and Baby.

  • Mothers achieve a more comfortable birth with less fear
  • Shortens the length of labour
  • Requests less pain medication, reduces use of epidurals
  • Less inductions and augmentations of labor
  • Fewer assisted births with forceps or vacuum
  • Lower Cesarean rate (see Washington State cesarean rate)
  • Increase in successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
  • Empowerment as a couple in making decisions
  • Linked to better parenting and higher satisfaction with birth outcome
  • Higher satisfaction of their personal accomplishments
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