FAQ: Doula Services

We understand babies cost a lot of money. However, when you realize that you have one shot at this pregnancy and birth for this baby and that it truly is one of the most momentous and special days in your life as a family – the answer is simple.  A little more money spent towards preparing for the best birth possible is absolutely worth it!  And since a doula reduces the risk of epidurals and cesareans, this investment saves you money in the long run, since epidurals can cost up to $2000-$5000.  We have never heard of anyone hiring a Doula and regretting it.  They deepen the beauty of the birth experience, reduce your fear, and believe in you – which really is priceless and timeless as you will remember the day you gave birth forever.

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Hiring someone to be there at the birth of your child is a very personal experience.  Meet and interview many different people and then follow your instinct.  Who did you have the best connection with?  Who did you feel most heard and supported by?  Whose personality did you and your partner most enjoy?  Who offered the skills and tools that sounded most beneficial to you?  Who brought you the most comfort?