Our Placenta Specialists

Sherilee Valenta

For the past decade, I have been an active part of the birth community as a Birth Educator, Doula and owner of Baby Nest Birth Services. My heart began to break as I saw so many mamas struggle after the baby was born, experiencing postpartum depression, baby blues, lack of milk supply and exhaustion, unable to enjoy this precious time with their new baby.

I knew about the amazing and healing benefits of using the placenta after birth and knew I wanted to help support new mothers in this way, so I became a Certified Placenta Specialist in 2012. I truly believe the transition into motherhood can be easier and more beautiful by using natures design in the placenta. This has become one of my greatest passions, as I hear daily about the difference it makes for my clients in creating a more positive, energetic and balanced postpartum experience.

Outside of my love for all things birth and babies, I love camping and stand-up paddleboarding (especially in Hawaii). If the sun is out, I am beyond happy! I live downtown Vancouver, and love the feeling of living in a small community. My kids, age 10 and 13 keep me busy and are always teaching me things about life and love.



When I became involved in the birth community as a Doula 18 years ago I never imagined it would lead to encapsulating placentas. I am greatly enamored with everything related to pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding so when the question came, ‘Will you encapsulate my placenta?’, I said ‘Of course!’. Once I learned all I could about the process, I was hooked!

I think of the placenta as a sacred organ; it’s what has kept your baby alive and thriving for it’s entire life in your womb. How amazing is that? When you consider that consuming your placenta could give you more energy postpartum, reduce the incidence of postpartum depression, provide iron and other nutrients that you lost during childbirth and increase your milk supply, it makes sense to let us create your placenta into capsules! I love hearing about how much better many moms experiences are with using their placenta pills!

When I am not reading everything I can about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and placentas, I am typically home hanging out with my family. I enjoy gardening, crafting with card stock and other materials, sewing and watching some good ol’ television. There’s no way you can pull me away from Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife!


  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control Training & Certification
  • Washington State Food Handler Card
  • Trained under the IPPA and FCEC Specialist Standards
  • Birth Arts International, Certified Doula