Feel Confident in Your Postpartum with Personalized Support!

You just had a baby and your life has changed in an instant (not to mention living through a pandemic.) It is a lot to take in!  Sleepless nights, recovery after birth, learning how to care for your baby all while trying to figure out how to be a mom yourself.

We know how challenging these first days, weeks, and months can be. But we believe that with personalized support, education and care, your transition to parenting can be positive and calm.

You are not alone. The feelings are real. So is having support!

Want someone to guide you on all the firsts?

Is the feeling of overwhelm too much and you want some help to learn how to do this baby thing?  

Feeling isolated and anxious about having a baby at home alone?

Needing help with sleep, feedings and baby poop? We got ya!

You want to ask your list of questions and get an immediate response?

Compassionate and professional support is a click away with virtual Postpartum Doula care.

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"After a month of high anxiety, no sleep and pretty bad postpartum blues, we decided that we needed help. Enter our postpartum doula! I called her my "safety net" and am so very thankful for her help transitioning us into our new way of life!”

The Wiggins Family

Virtual Postpartum Doula Pricing & Packages

Virtual Doula Support

New moms have so many questions and concerns in the first weeks! We are here to give you personalized support to lighten the load, give tips and guidance on all things baby and motherhood.

We are the doula in your pocket that is always available to listen and help. When Moms feel supported, they feel more peaceful, confident and able to do the work of parenting. 

Sessions are done over the phone or Zoom.  

  • 30 minute session - $35
  • 60 minute session - $60

Strong Transition Package

Imagine knowing you had a someone (a professional) who was going to guide you through the first 6 weeks of having a baby? [enter sigh of relief here]

Includes two 30 minute virtual appointments for the first 6 weeks after birth to go over exactly what is happening in your week, answer questions and help your concerns.

Perfect for first time parents, type A moms and those that are anxious or feeling isolated.

  • $399 (save $21)

Prenatal Prep Consult

Schedule an individual consult with a postpartum doula to help you make a postpartum survival plan so you can thrive!

Making a plan will create confidence to be a team in bringing baby home. Learn how to get your home ready, what things you really need to buy, how to anticipate your baby's needs, what to expect for sleep and life with a newborn and how to include family/friends appropriately.

The more you plan together, the easier your transition will be!

  • $125 (1.5 hours)

11 Ways a Postpartum Doula Brings Support Virtually

  • Guides and educates on the firsts: learning baby hunger cues, bathing, diapering, feeding
  • Breastfeeding support/latch and position help. Refer to specialist when needed
  • Bottle feeding support & pumping guidance
  • Run errands for the family
  • Baby-wearing assistance
  • Infant & parent sleep solutions
  • Screen for postpartum mood disorders and depression (Doula support has been shown to reduce these risks as well!)
  • Sibling adjustment support
  • Be a listening ear to help process their birth experience
  • Organize support for extended family and friends to help give care AND stay physically distanced.
  • Help the family find a new rhythm for daily life so parents feel confident in parenting

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Portland Oregon Postpartum doula

"Our Baby Nest postpartum doula was incredibly professional, genuinely caring and warm. She understood that this was a tender situation for both mom and dad (as well as baby), and knows how to provide just the right amount of support.”

First time Dad, Scott

Meet Our Postpartum Doulas

Meet Marnellie, CBD, CPD, HCHD

Meet Leah, PD

  • Certified Postpartum Doula through Birthingway College of Midwifery
  • Peer Volunteer with Baby Blues Connection.
  • Mama to two wild and fascinating children.
  • When I have time to myself, I'm usually baking cookies.  Sharing them is one of my favorite ways to show love, gratitude, or just brighten someone's day!
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What Parents Are Saying About Our Postpartum Doulas

"I have had the privilege of having using all the postpartum doulas from Baby Nest! The support and confidence they have given me towards taking care of myself and my little girl had been invaluable. They are very sweet and attentive and professional." - Jen P.

"Our Baby Nest postpartum doula was a great help in getting settled into life with newborn twins. She helped reinforce my mamma instincts and answered questions I had regarding breastfeeding and other newborn care topics.  She found mom groups for me to join and other resources to look into during her off hours. I am appreciative of the time she gave me. "
- Kiki

"Our Baby Nest postpartum doula was incredible. She's incredibly compassionate, responsible and helpful. My husband and I had twin boys. From the moment I had a consultation with her, my worries dissipated.

She listened to everything we had to say. I called her my "safety net". I'm so very thankful for her help transitioning us into our new way of life." - The Wiggins