Birth Pool Rental


Water can speed up labor and make for a much more comfortable experience. Use for home births or for those that want to labor at home longer before they leave for the hospital. The room of the birth pool allows freedom of movement and the entire body submerged in the water rather than shallow bathtubs.

Rental includes individual liner and pump. To ensure the safety of each client the hose needs to be purchased individually.

Only available for rent to those in Vancouver, Portland and outlying areas. Client can pick up tub at 36 weeks and keep until baby is born. Porch Pickup is the only choice for shipping. Please arrange porch pickup by email. Birth Tub needs to be dropped off a few days after birth of baby to make available for future clients.

Contract and rental agreement must be signed upon pickup.

Eco-friendly, PVC inflatable pool, Birth Pool in a Box is the only FDA approved inflatable waterbirth tub. Made of non’-toxic material without banned phthalate chemicals.

The Birth Pool in a Box includes a seat, and has been designed for strength and comfort. The unique design provides room for both the laboring mom and a support person. The double-reinforced handles located in three different locations allows birthing and laboring mothers to be comfortable and safe while in the pool.

Developed for personal and home use, it is both economical as well as eco friendly and extremely easy to set up and use.

Birth Tub Rental in Vancouver, Wa, Battleground, Longview, Camas, Washougal, Portland Oregon, Hood River, Troutdale, Gresham, Clackamas, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Wilsonville, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and surrounding areas. Birth tub rental for all Vancouver, Wa, Portland, Or and surrounding areas.

Tub Dimensions for Birth Pool in a Box, Regular:

Shape: Ellipsoid (Egg)
External max dimensions: 76 x 65″ 193 x 165cm
Internal max dimensions: 56 x 45″ 142 x 114cm
Internal depth: 26″ 66cm
Maximum Water Depth: 22″ (55 cm)
Rim width: 10″ 25cm
Built-in seat: Yes
Disposable liner: 1 included
Internal Seat: Yes
Handles on Outside: 4
Handles on Top: 2
Max suggested height of mother: 6'0″ 182cm
Water Capacity – 80%: full 172 gallons 650 liters
Water Capacity – 90%: full 193 gallons 730 liters
Weight when filled (add weight of mother): 1433 lbs 650kg
Unfilled Weight: 14.3 lbs 6.5 kg
Pool Material: Pool: 0.38mm PVC Form-fitted disposable liner material: 0.20mm PVC