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Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions I made for my birth! Her calm and knowledgeable presence during my long labor was essential. She helped us make necessary decisions, helped me stay motivated and was totally encouraging to make me believe I COULD DO IT! I tell every mom-to-be have a Baby Nest doula on their team! It made ALL the difference.”

- Sara V.


We provide doula support to all Ridgefield, WA home births and birthing facilities including Legacy Salmon Creek, PeaceHealth, The Bridge Birth Center, and others in the surrounding areas.

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"Having a doula from Baby Nest by our side was invaluable. Their support made us feel more confident and allowed me as the husband to fully focus on my wife and helped me be a better support to her. They were exceptional at providing guidance during tough decisions and acted as a buffer between us and the medical staff. Our experience wouldn't have been as incredible without a doula from Baby Nest."

- Brian H, 1st Time Daddy (Ridgefield, WA)


"I have no doubt that having a doula from Baby Nest by our side made our birth experience one of confident perseverance, positive emotions, and allowed us to make it through without fear or doubt. Their knowledge of acupressure and use of aromatherapy brought great comfort to me in labor. They were a calm and constant presence who never rushed the process. They were physically and emotionally supportive in times of medical challenges, soothing and offered information without bias."

- Sara S. (Ridgefield, WA)

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Baby Nest Birth Services has been proudly offering Ridgefield, WA birth and postpartum doula services since 2012.

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