As we cope with the challenges of COVID-19, babies are still being born. Expectant parents need support, preparation & confidence more than ever! ⁣

Doulas are essential! Birth and Postpartum Doula support available!

  LIVE Remote & Self-paced Birth Classes available

The birth of your baby comes but once.

Imagine feeling confident, fully prepared and without fear to give birth.  With the right preparation, you can have an empowering and positive birth story!

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Birth Doulas in Portland and Vancouver
Bradley Method Class|Natural Birth Class
Postpartum Doulas in Portland and Vancouver
Placenta capsules in Vancouver Wa and Portland Or
Lactation Support by Certified Doulas in Portland and Vancouver

Baby Nest Birth Doulas Bring Confidence & Comfort to Your Birth Journey

We know first hand that pregnancy can be filled with doubt and fear, as there is a lot of unknowns. But we also know that with strong preparation and birth team, your experience can be full of strength and joy!  Baby Nest Doulas support expectant parents with professional Birth and Postpartum Doula Support, Couple Centered Birth Classes, and Certified Placenta Encapsulation. We would be honoured to be by your side in your journey towards birth.

What our Clients Say

"Baby Nest Birth Services provided incredible insight and knowledge! Their kindness, and encouragement along the way made the world of difference for our birth experience! We felt empowered, equipped, and ready for the challenge and beauty of birth because of them!”

The Madrids, 1st Time Parents
Learn to Give Birth TOGETHER as a Couple!