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FAQ: Placenta Encapsulation

Each placenta is unique and has a different size and mass. Depending on the size and the choice of preparation it usually ranges between 115-200.

The most important thing is that it is kept cold until your specialist arrives. Keep in the fridge or on ice at all times. Some hospitals and birth centers will put it in a holding fridge until it is picked up. Other hospitals won't hold it for you. In that case, just just take to your car or put with personal belongings until we arrive. MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT GO TO PATHOLOGY where formaldehyde is used and then encapsulation is not viable. We require that you provide a hot/cold freezer bag and keep the placenta covered in ice until our arrival. As long as it is kept in ice, it is safe until we are able to pick it up.

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  • Client Responsibilities & Contract

    • If you are birthing in a hospital: remind your care providers upon arrival that you plan to take your placenta and remind them again during pushing.
    • You are responsible to buy a DISPOSABLE HOT/COLD FREEZER BAG . These bags can be found at Dollar Store, Target or any grocery store in the freezer section. NO STYROFOAM PLEASE.
    • Keep the cooler cold and in an iced state until your specialist arrives.
    • The placenta can remain at room temperature for up to 2 hours following the birth. Refrigerate or put it on ice as soon as reasonably possible. Improperly handled placentas are susceptible to spoilage.
    • We cannot encapsulate placentas that are examined in a hospital's pathology lab.
    • Call or text message us at between 7am and 9pm to arrange a time to pick up the placenta.
    • It is the responsibility of the client to let their specialist know if they are Group B Strep Positive.
    • If mom or baby has infection at birth or 72 hours after birth, It is client responsibility to communicate fever or illness to their specialist. We will not encapsulate if your baby has been ill soon after birth.

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“When I started taking the capsules I noticed an increase in energy and I rarely felt exhausted like everyone told me I would. I also noticed my mood was elevated, which gave me much more confidence as a new mom. I will encapsulate with every child I have!”

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