Birth Doulas Who Believe in You

How you feel when you give birth...matters.  As doulas, we walk with families through pregnancy and birth to help them discover their own deep strength and incredible power that exists in them as they bring life into this world.

Whether you are planning a home or hospital birth, dreaming of an unmedicated birth or an epidural, or want Taylor Swift played while you push ...we are there to create a safe place for you to feel powerful and supported at every turn. 

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Birth is better when you don't feel alone

As much as having a baby is pure joy and a dream come true, the idea of birth can also feel scary and overwhelming to most people. There are so many negative perceptions of birth, but we truly believe that a positive birth can be experienced by all if they have a supportive birth team.

Having a birth doula on your team can create a more positive birth, reduce interventions, and even shorten labour. Our focus is to make sure the parents-to-be feel comfortable, respected, heard and honored.

Birth is better when you don't feel alone or afraid, and with the constant support of a Birth Doula, this can change everything.

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Birth is better when you don't feel alone or afraid. The constant support of a Birth Doula can change everything!

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Feel Empowered for Birth with Doula Support

Our professional doulas create a safe space in which you can connect with your power, overcome your fears, and give birth on your terms.  

Got loads of questions while pregnant?

We are just a text away and there for you during your entire pregnancy.

Want to get your baby in the optimal position?

We are trained in optimal fetal positioning for an easier birth and teach this to all our clients!

Imagine having your first contraction and knowing exactly who to call!

We provide physical and emotional comfort for the entirety of your labor so you never feel alone.

Worried about your partner?

We encourage and support the partner so they are confident to help and feel part of the birth experience.

Feel concerned you might not be heard during birth?

We advocate for your birth wishes and support all your choices.

Medical Benefits of Having a Birth Doula

It has been medically documented that the presence of a Doula can positively impact the birth experience, providing countless benefits for the birthing and supporting parent.

  • Reduced pain, reported more comfort and less fear
  • Shortens the length of labour
  • Requests less pain medication, reduces use of epidurals
  • Less inductions and augmentations of labor
  • Fewer assisted births with forceps or vacuum
  • Lower chance of Cesarean (see Washington State cesarean rate, Oregon cesarean rate)
  • Increase in successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
  • Empowerment as a couple in making decisions
  • Linked to more confident parenting and higher satisfaction with birth outcome
  • Higher levels of self-compassion, gratitude and pride in their birth story

Birth Doula Pricing

Discover all that's included in Birth Doula Services and how this investment can bring the positive birth you are dreaming of.

Birth Doula Investment

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