Placenta Encapsulation Products & Pricing

Placenta encapsulation is a natural remedy to support a healthier postpartum and create more hormonal balance after birth. Five days after birth, a mother's hormones drop to the levels they had before conception. This dramatic hormonal drop can cause emotional and physical challenges for the new mom.

This is where your placenta comes in! When we encapsulate your placenta we prepare a natural supplement for you that is full of your bio-identical hormones and healing stem cells. All in an easy-to-swallow pill form!

Portland Postpartum doula makes Placenta encapsulation pills

"I struggled with anxiety for years so I was very worried about having postpartum anxiety. My midwife suggested I encapsulate my placenta. I am SO GLAD I did! I felt less anxious every time I took my placenta pills. Wish I could use them for life!" -Marly

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Placenta Encapsulation Methods

  • Gentle Method

    The placenta is cleaned, sliced and then dehydrated at 160 degrees. After fully dehydrated, it is ground into a powder and capsuled. This is the most popular method as it yields the most capsules. $350

  • Balanced Method

    The placenta is cleaned, slightly steamed and then fully dehydrated at 160 degrees. It is ground into a powder and capsuled. Commonly known as "The Chinese Method", it aids those who are sensitive to iron or prone to anxiety or panic attacks. Recommended for those that are Group B Strep + $375

  • Half & Half

    If you can't decide or want the properties of both methods, you can get half of each method! Price: $395

All methods include choice of capsule:

  • gelatin (most popular)
  • vegetarian
  • berry
  • mint
  • bubblegum
  • orange
Portland placenta encapsulation by portland postpartum doula
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Placenta Tincture

Tinctures are always recommended in addition to encapsulation, to offer needed support when capsules are gone (4-6 weeks). Tincture provides the same benefits as the capsules, which are beneficial for all Mamas, and especially for those that struggle with anxiety or depression.

A small piece of raw placenta is put in 100 proof alcohol, able to be used at 6 weeks, when the capsules are typically all gone. Tinctures have an indefinite shelf life and are an amazing way to preserve the placenta benefits for life for Mama & Baby!

Benefits for Mamas

  • Helps keep Postpartum Depression at bay
  • Natural aid for anxiety and mood swings
  • Increased milk supply for breastfeeding years
  • Increased energy
  • Use in stress and to increase immune support
  • Hormonal balance & relief of PMS symptoms
  • Natural hormone replacement in Menopause

Benefits for babies

  • Supports baby’s immune function when ill (6+ months)
  • Offers teething pain relief
  • Future PMS support for baby girls

2oz: $20 | 4oz: $35 | 6oz: $45 | 12oz: $75

Placenta Print

A beautiful way to remember the first connection between Mama & Baby. Natures "Tree of Life" printed on acid free paper ready for a frame or just preserved for your baby memory box. Price: $5

Placenta Package Pricing
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