Prepare for a Positive & Confident Birth Together!

You're pregnant and feeling all the feels! You feel excited, elated and then the reality can set are you going to get the baby out?! How will your partner confidently support you?! How will you know if you need an intervention? How will you know when to go to the hospital?

Go on 5 birth-focused dates with your partner to prepare for a confident birth experience so that you can have less pain, fewer interventions, and feel safe, loved, and connected as you give birth TOGETHER!

"WOW! Birth Dates was truly an extraordinary experience. In just 5 weeks, my husband and I learned SO much. We are going into this birth with SO much knowledge and confidence, and that’s all attributable to Sherilee and the Birth Dates curriculum she has created! What stuck out to me most was the idea of it being a Birth DATE. This class offered a time for us to sit, learn, and practice new things TOGETHER. Birthing a baby is a TEAM effort and we now feel ready to take it on as a TEAM." ~ Hilary L.

What You'll Learn on Your Birth Dates

  • Foundations to a healthy labour and how to reduce unnecessary interventions
  • Learn practical ways your partner can support you through ALL stages of labour, even when things get hard!
  • Learn massage techniques that they actually will enjoy
  • What to pack for the birth place
  • What you will experience in each stage of labor and learn WHEN to go to the hospital!
  • How to experience less pain, use natural comfort measure and work with your body for an unmedicated birth if you choose
  • Ways to help your baby into the best position for birth
  • How to shorten your labour
  • How to create a calm and safe birth space
  • Epidurals – The compassionate use of epidurals, side effects etc.
  • Learn ALL your choices in birth and how to advocate for your preferences
  • How to write a birth plan your nurse will read
  • Transform your birth fears into birth confidence
  • Learn what to do if complications arise (inductions & all hospital procedures)
  • Best gentle cesarean birth tips
  • Practice labour positions and relaxation techniques
  • How to work as a TEAM in birth and postpartum!
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I didn’t know how uninformed I was until I attended my first class with Sherilee. My husband and I learned SO MUCH. Any fears that we had were calmed and the class made us so confident and excited for ur birth! It was so worth it! I 100% recommend them to anyone looking to take birth classes!

Adria R.
Bradley method online natural birth class Vancouver WA Portland Or

Sherilee Peters | Certified Birth Educator & Doula

Sherilee (she/her) has taught over 1500 couples how to embrace birth without fear and how to take ownership of their birth experience as a couple.  She has passionately taught for over 17 years in the Vancouver and Portland areas, along with creating safe and supported environments as a Birth and Postpartum Doula.

Birth Dates was created with intention to be a birth class that empowers birthing people to find their voice, power, and presence and the supporting parent to be fully engaged in the birth by their side at each turn.  Birth Dates is a fun, interactive and a bonding experience for the parents-to-be, a place for them to learn about their amazing ability to bring their baby earthside in a positive way.

Certified with The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, Lamaze and Spinning Babies, she has created Birth Dates to be an updated curriculum for today's parents. Sherilee is thrilled to now teach couples in Canada, Mexico and Europe with the Self-Paced version of Birth Dates in addition to in-person classes in the Portland and Vancouver metro area.

What's Included In Birth Dates

A Couple-Focused, Interactive Birth Class

  • Class time as a group, to see real faces, and connect with other parents
  • Includes 60 page Couples Connection Workbook
  • 5 Birth Date Kits with labour comfort tools, labour snacks for your birth bag
  • Practice hands-on and interactive pain relief techniques with your partner
  • Ability to ask questions LIVE as they come up in class!
  • Unlimited access to educator via text, email or phone.
  • Complete with Labour Rehersals so couples are super comfortable when real labour begins
  • Experience Classroom with BONUS videos, lessons, couples massage, guided relaxation practices and MORE to deepen learning.
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Upcoming Class Schedule

  • February 20 - March 19, 2024 (FILLED)

    5 Week Series | In-person Class | 6:30pm | Tuesday Nights | Downtown Vancouver | $475

  • March 26 - April 16, 2024 (2 spaces left)

    5 Week Series | In-person Class | 6:30pm | Tuesday Nights | Downtown Vancouver | $475

  • April 23 - May 21, 2024 (1 space left)

    5 week series | In-person Class | 6:30pm | Tuesday Nights | Downtown Vancouver | $475

  • June 4 - July 2, 2024

    5 week series | In-person Class | 6:30pm | Tuesday Nights | Downtown Vancouver | $475

  • September 10 - October 8, 2024

    5 week series | In-person Class | 6:30pm | Tuesday Nights | Downtown Vancouver | $475

  • Self-paced Individual Classes

    5 week series | Recorded Classes with unlimited instructor access | $397

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