Sherilee’s Story: The Story of Baby Nest

14 years ago, I was forever changed after giving birth to my son. I fell in love with my baby boy of course, but also fell in love with the birth experience itself. I was in awe of this mysterious, sacred, empowering event of childbirth.  It was the hardest thing I had ever done, but with the strong support from my birth team that believed in me, I found a deep strength I did not know existed.

As I held my sweet son in the hospital bed that August night, I felt a deep yearning to be part of the birth world. I wanted to teach others about how birth could be and support their journey to be supported, empowered and positive.

That feeling never left me and in 2003, I became a Certified Doula and Educator of The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth.  I began teaching in my home with just a few couples a year and attending births as a doula when time would allow with my little ones at home. When my kids went to school full-time, the business kept growing and my passion grew right alongside.

I never set out to start a business. I set out to support and love women in their journey of becoming mothers. It truly grew organically, and became Baby Nest Birth Services in 2012. We have a team of 6 amazing doulas, supporting birth and postpartum. We LOVE what we do! We are a group of doulas who believe that the way a woman gives birth, truly matters. Baby Nest is passionate about supporting all women, with respect, a listening ear, education and support through this transformational experience.

We are a full spectrum birth agency; offering birth and postpartum doula support, certified placenta encapsulation, natural birth classes, postpartum prep classes in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR metro areas. Baby Nest also created and sells a handcrafted body care line for pregnancy and birth comfort, sold online and in select Portland/Vancouver stores.




About Sherilee

  • My husband and I have two crazy cool kids – an 12 year old son and 10 year old daughter.  They make us laugh, keep our life full of adventure and are always teaching us.
  • I grew up on a recreational farm in Canada complete with horses, peacocks and even buffalo…watching animals give birth from young is where I had my first realizations of how natural the birth process could be. I’m grateful for this gift.
  • I adore the summer.
  • The Vancouver Farmers Market is my style of gardening.
  • My husband and I started a food cart called The Mighty Bowl and I often thought it was harder to get started than childbirth itself 🙂
  • I love a good cup of coffee with friends.
  • I live in downtown Vancouver, WA and love the small town feel of community.
  • I light a candle for each of my students and clients when they are in labor in honour of their journey into motherhood and the new life coming into this world.