Let It Flow Lactation Tincture


We know how special breastfeeding is and we love to support nursing Mamas with this natural remedy that encourages healthy milk supply!

This tincture is the perfect addition to your nursing station to help with maintaining a healthy milk supply and
a natural remedy when milk production is low and needs to be increased.


To encourage and sustain a healthy milk supply, take 1 -2 droppersful daily.
To increase milk supply when production is low, take 2 droppersful 3 times a day in water or juice. Results are typically seen after 3-5 days of this tincture.

Baby Nest uses all ORGANIC herbs to make this powerful and milk tincture:
Goat’s Rue
Nettle Leaf
Red Raspberry Leaf
Fennel Seed
Dandelion Leaf
Blessed Thistle

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