Inge-Lise’s Doula Story

Growing up I was always fascinated with pregnancy and babies.  In fact in school when asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I always said a mom!  I was 9 when my younger brother was born and I remember watching my mothers belly swell and the excitement I felt when she went into labor. That feeling has always stuck with me.

Eventually, my husband and I, welcomed our own daughter in April 2005. Never had I felt as powerful and capable as I did in that moment.  I delivered a posterior baby who weighed over 9lbs naturally and I felt on top of the world!  Then in 2007 I was able to attend a friends birth as a support person. It was the most beautiful, amazing and unforgettable experience I had ever had!  I knew I wanted to attend more births and help women in the journey of motherhood.

Inge-Lise was AMAZING! I could not have had the natural birth I wanted without her help. I am so grateful!Amanda H.

My Philosophy

I believe that birth is a sacred journey from a woman to a mother. I believe a woman’s body is perfectly designed and capable of giving birth and with the right people to support her, can feel very empowering! I often hear moms say they didn’t feel like their voice was heard when giving birth or that they didn’t feel supported.

I am there to help the woman see her potential and help her to trust her body. I am there to help the partner feel comfortable in supporting mom. I am there to share my own experiences of what birth can be like and give support so moms don’t feel alone and can find their inner strength and voice in their birth experience.

“The physical and emotional support that Inge-Lise provided for me was beyond words. The support she gave to my partner was the key to holding the circle together. Lana A.

My Training

  • Certified Birth Doula, DONA International
  • Acupressure Workshop for Birth Professionals, ACNM
  • Collaborative Practice Training, OHSU
  • Massage for Labor & Birth
  • Volunteer doula with PDX Doulas at OHSU
Inge-Lise was such an amazing doula! As a midwife I felt like I could simply check in now and again and didn’t need to provide any additional support.Midwife at Legacy Hospital
Vancouver & Portland Birth Doula at the following:

Legacy Salmon Creek, Legacy Emmanuel, Peace Health Vancouver, Sunnyside Clackamas, Kaiser Portland, Vancouver Clinic, OHSU, Good Samaritan, Providence Willamette Falls, Providence St. Vincents, Canyon Medical Center, Alma Midwifery, Adventist Health, Andaluz Birth Center & all Home Births