Herbal Postpartum Baths


Don’t forget about your bottom after childbirth! Birth is amazing but the realities are that swelling, bruising, hemorrhoids and even tears can be a normal part of the experience (all fun things people don’t tell you about, right ?!)

These Herbal Postpartum Baths are designed to speed healing in the vaginal and bottom areas, getting you back to your old self quicker so you can enjoy that new baby of yours!

Benefits of Herbal Baths:

  • Comforts and offers soothing healing to hemorrhoids
  • Cleans the vaginal area without touch
  • Soothes soreness, reduces swelling and relieves pain
  • Speeds healing of any degree of tear
  • Prevents infection
  • Gentle and safe for your new baby to have a bonding bath with you


For most benefits take 1-2 baths daily for the first week. Place herbal tea water in peri bottle for added benefits, and spray vaginal area at each bathroom break.

Handmade with all organic, ingredients:

Nettle leaf
Comfrey leaf
Uva Ursi
Shepherds purse
Calendula flower
Lavender flower
Rosemary leaf
Sage leaf
Sea Salt

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Herbal Postpartum Baths 6oz – $15, Herbal Postpartum Baths 6oz with Peri Bottle- $17, Herbal Postpartum Baths Bulk (1lb) – $35