Labour Ready Tea


This great tasting tea is a must for every pregnant mama! Drinking this specific blend of tea naturally and effectively strengthens the uterus, which can encourage a shorter labor – what every girl wants right?!

Drinking 2 cups of this tea daily in your pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester offers great benefits:

Chocked full of necessary vitamins and minerals that will make your pregnant body and baby thrive! (Iron, Calcium, Vit A, C, B, Magnesium, Potassium and so much more)
A tasty and easy way of getting your vitamins, if you are unable to keep your prenatal pill down
Detoxifies the liver, reducing your risk of many pregnancy related illnesses and complications such as pre-eclampsia
Can shorten the length of labour by toning the uterine muscle
Drinking throughout labour can keep contractions steady and strong
Reduces risk of hemorrhage at birth
Eases those pesky and painful after birth contractions
Wonderful aid to creating a healthy milk supply
This blend specifically made of 100% organic herbs grown in Eugene, Oregon:

Nettle Leaf
Raspberry Leaf
Spearmint Leaf
Lemon Balm
Dandelion Leaf
Alfalfa Leaf
Ginger Root
Lemon Peel

Make this part of your pregnancy ritual, and spend some time brewing this tea in honor of the life that lives within. Enjoy hot or cold!

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1 Month Supply (3oz) – $10, 1 Month Supply with Tea Ball Infuser (3oz) – $12, 3 Month Supply (9oz)- $25, 3 Month Supply with Tea Ball Infuser (9oz)- $27, Full Pregnancy Supply (30oz)- $65, Full Pregnancy Supply with Tea Ball Infuser (30oz)- $65