Portland OR Postpartum Doula gives advice on postpartum visitors

How to Handle Toxic Family, Baby Visitors & Unsolicited Advice in Your Postpartum

When you come home from the hospital after having a baby, you can feel a lot of things. Worry that you won’t be a good parent, concern over milk supply, emotionally up and down due to the hormones, and pure …

Portland hospital birth center visitor policy

Covid Hospital Visitor Policy – Portland metro area

These are current as of 2/24/2022 but things always change, so always contact your hospital or provider for the most current policies. Even though many things in our world have gone back to “normal” as we move through years of …

Portland Postpartum doula and how the can improve your health

5 Ways a Postpartum Doula Can Improve Your Health

Did you know that hiring a postpartum doula could actually be good for your health? Doulas aren’t just there to attend to baby—they make sure that you’re getting the care the mom and dad need too. Along with education, simple self …

Ways a Postpartum Doula helps

52 Ways a Postpartum Doula Brings Sanity and Support

Having a baby is the most life altering experience! Families find themselves having so many emotions and needs and the support of this transition is so poorly recognized. Enter the Postpartum Doula!  So what exactly is it then that we do? …

Portland birth doula | Hospital support in Portland Oregon

Have Coffee with Our Birth Doula Maria

Meet Portland Oregon Labor Doula Maria. She is a Baby Nest senior birth doula and has been in the Portland birth world for the past 12 years! Grab some tea or coffee and learn more about what it’s like to …

birth doula in portland oregon

Have Coffee With Our Doula, Inge-Lise!

Curious what a doula does, or why someone would choose this line of work?  

Our Baby Nest doula Inge-Lise, will tell you about her story and practice as a professional birth support in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.   

So grab a cup of tea or coffee, and learn more about what makes this doula tick and how this doula helps babies come into the world!