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7 Ways Doulas Make Birth Better

Joy, excitement and delight!  You feel all the feels when you find out you are pregnant! But when thinking of the actual birth, you may have concerns, fears, or worries.

Maybe you’ve been thinking:

  • “I’m worried that my spouse/partner won’t know how to help me.”
  • “I’m afraid of being in pain and out of control.”
  • “What if my care provider pushes for interventions I don’t want?”

Imagine filling your mind with these thoughts instead:

  • “I’m confident about going into labor. I feel prepared to give birth.”
  • “My birth team fully supports my wishes and will help me have a safe, supported birth.”
  • My partner is rock solid and has all the support he needs to help me give birth.”
  • “I have someone in my corner, available at all times, who is there for me!”
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The arrival of your baby is one of the most life-changing events you will ever experience — you want to remember it positively.  As doulas, we want our clients to feel confident, bonded, and full of joy as they bring their baby into the world.

Maybe you are wondering how doulas make birth better?

We provide everything from foot rubs to back rubs. We fetch your partner meals, advocate for your birth wishes, create a relaxing atmosphere in your birthplace and answer questions along the way. Doulas give encouragement when it gets hard, educate you about your choices, and let your partner get some sleep. Ultimately, we create a safe space for a mother as she gives birth. This is vital because women give birth more easily and comfortably when they have support and feel safe.

Here are 7 specific ways doulas make birth better:

1. We make pre-birth visits to relieve stress and fear.

Once hired, we are your doula! You can call, text, or email — we’re always available to you. We will meet with you before birth to prepare for the birth experience you are dreaming of. Together we can create a birth plan, work through your fears, or practice relaxation techniques. We will know how to best support you and your partner, empower you, and guide you to feel safe and confident.

2. We provide an easier, more comfortable birth experience.

Doulas are birth professionals and we know many different birth positions, massages, and techniques — all of which can help your labor progress most efficiently. We are experts in providing comfort in the physical and emotional needs you may have during labor. We can help you create an environment that allows you to relax fully. Doulas help reduce interventions and improve birth outcomes.

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3. Your birth story memories captured.

Some parts of birth are forever imprinted on our hearts. Other memories fade almost instantly. The families who hire Baby Nest doulas love the photos or videos we snap during birth. You’ll be able to re-live those precious moments. We’ll write birth notes, documenting the timeline and details of your birth story. Both make a remarkable addition to your baby book.

4. We give you the confidence to make birth choices.

Birth can be unknown and scary. Even though you can’t control exactly what will happen, you are still the one who gets to call the shots. Doulas can help ensure that you receive all the information you need to make informed decisions. We’ll provide all the support you need, no matter what direction your birth may take. And we’ll do everything in our power to make your day calm and full of joy as you meet your baby.

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5. We empower your partner to be helpful and confident to support you.

Partners have an amazing ability to perform under pressure and have the potential to be an incredible support to you in labor. The only hitch? They need to know what to do. That’s why partners and doulas make a great team. We doulas have the knowledge… your partner has a heart bursting with love for both you and your baby. Doulas equip your partner to be as involved as you want him to be.


6. We ensure from beginning to end – you never feel alone.             

From the first contraction, we are there to walk you through. Doulas focus on you and your partner in each moment during birth. You can count on our undivided attention, never taking away from your partner, but truly supporting you as a couple.  We can help you labor at home or meet you at your birth place. Doulas come to you at your invitation and are your dependable support through the whole birth process.

7. We give you postpartum support that gets you off to the best start.

As a new parent, you can be full of joy and full of worry. You may spend a lot of time wondering if you and your little one are normal. We make at least one postpartum visit in the first week and provide unlimited phone and email support in the months to come. As doulas, our goal is to help you feel confident and in tune with your body and your baby so you experience and enjoy bonding and breastfeeding.


So is a Birth Doula worth the financial investment?

How much would you spend on a wedding, vacation, or massage? The way these events unfold are memories that last forever. We know you have expenses when you’re expecting, but the way a baby is born matters. How you feel at your birth…matters. Hiring a doula reduces worry and provides a better birth outcome. Having a doula by your side reduces the experience of birth trauma and unnecessary interventions. Remembering your birth with a positive memory….is worth every investment!

Doulas just make birth better!

Hear Parent’s Stories of Doula Support

“Our Baby Nest Doula made our birth experience go from terrifying and chaotic to manageable. We cannot imagine going through this process without her support. She was available throughout our pregnancy, checking in to make sure we were developing as expected and taking note of anything that might impact labor. Once labor started she was quick to respond to our messages and came over on two separate occasions to help with the progression. She had me in multiple positions throughout labor, helping push myself into uncomfortable ones but being respectful when I needed to back off. Most importantly, she provided a calming presence and was a huge support to my partner throughout the entire process. While I don’t remember much about my labor, my husband is eternally grateful for how much knowledge and guidance she provided. This allowed me to focus on the labor and not stress about him feeling overwhelmed. After our birth, Inge-Lise has still continued to provide support ranging from suggestions for lactation help to sleep guidance. We now have a one month old and still receive messages asking how we are doing.” – Marea H.

“Our doula was an amazing addition to our birth support team! She is incredibly informed and helped take away some of the nerves when my wife was preparing for labor. During the birth itself, she helped keep us calm and focused. With her help with breathing exercises, positioning, and overall support, we were able to have a very positive labor and delivery! She even checked in regularly after the birth and answered a lot of questions that were stressing a new mom. We are so grateful for the help she provided!” – Kyle F.

“Having a Baby Nest doula was one of the best decisions I made for having my first child. She was a fantastic sounding board during the last weeks of my pregnancy and during the labor and delivery. Her calm and knowledgeable presence during my very not-to-plan labor and delivery helped me and my husband make necessary decisions, helped me stay motivated during that all-important pushing stage, and was totally encouraging throughout the entire process. Having Inge-Lise as part of my support team in the hospital gave me reassurance that I had an advocate whose sole goal was to help us have the best labor and delivery for our situation. I encourage every mom-to-be to have a doula on their team. It will be one of the best decisions you make!” -Sarah V.

How to Find the Right Doula for Your Birth Team?

At Baby Nest Birth Services, we offer FREE Doula Consultations for parents-to-be to meet a potential doula. They can be done on Zoom or in-person, whatever is best for you. This is a time to ask questions, and for the doula to hear about the birth you are dreaming of.

After the FREE Consult, you and your partner can discuss and hire just the right doula for your birth team. We encourage parents to interview a few if they need to, so they feel confident in their choice. The support from your doula begins immediately in your pregnancy and are there for you whenever you need.