Changes to Baby Nest Birth Doula Services in Response to COVID-19

Hello to all our Baby Nest families,

Whether you are pregnant or have little ones at home, we know that the health state our world has impacted your daily life and plans. Our hearts are with you as you juggle everything to keep your families safe and emotionally strong. We’re making some changes to doula services as well in order to keep our clients and their families safe.

Local Hospital COVID-19 Policies

Our doula team has met at length to create new care systems so we can safely meet the needs of our clients. At this time, most local Vancouver and Portland hospitals are only allowing 1 visitor, which requires us to continue our doula birth virtually. We can labour with clients in their home on a case by case basis, and then when they have moved to the hospital, we will support them with virtual doula support.

Virtual Doula Prenatal and Postpartum Appointments

Current Washington and Oregon directives restrict social gatherings and have a stay at home order. To comply and limit exposure to our families and doulas, we will perform all our prenatal and postpartum appointments virtually. We are grateful to be able to continue relationship building and birth planning as your go-to birth professional via online conferencing with Zoom or Facetime. In the weeks to come, this practice will help us prioritize our community’s health and that of our clients and babies. We will also limit the number of client homes we’re in each month to allow our doulas to stay healthy and at minimal risk while they are on-call for due clients. This also allows us to prioritize our support when labour begins. We will resume in-home prenatal and postpartum visits once it is safe to do so.

In-Person or Virtual Birth Support

If your doula has any signs of illness when your labour begins, we will request another Baby Nest doula to serve as backup. (You also have the option to have your chosen doula support you virtually during labour. Doulas frequently give support via text, FaceTime etc, and provide positioning ideas and virtual education and coaching along the way.) Whether in-person or virtually, this support gives much comfort to couples. They know they have their doula available to give them the professional help for each stage of labour.

In these anxious and unknown times, birth support is even more important. We are honored to be a consistent part of your birth preparation and labor. While we may keep a distance physically, we are present in every way possible. To listen, help relieve stress, and remind you that you are not alone. And to help you have a positive birth experience, because your birth matters.

We will let you know of any changes to protocols in our lactation services, postpartum doula support, and placenta services. Know we’re here to answer any questions.

Be well. Be safe. Be love.

Sherilee Valenta
Baby Nest Birth Services