What Our Clients are Saying

We love hearing stories from our clients about how Baby Nest Doula services helped them have an easier pregnancy and birth experience. Here’s a few of our happy clients who’ve shared their stories with us!

“Sherilee made a world of difference at both of my children’s births! In my mind, it doesn’t matter if you are planning a natural birth or getting an epidural the moment you arrive at the hospital, having Sherilee as part of my birthing experiences made sure that all details were tended too and I didn’t have to worry or think about anything outside of labor. She allowed the stress, nerves and pressure of this life changing event to diminish and ensured that I felt supported the entire time. There is no way that I would ever have a baby without her there! ”

Anna C. Hospital Birth

“Sherilee was a last minute addition to our birth plan and was the BEST decision we made in preparing for our son’s birth. She was so incredibly helpful to my husband and I. Her experience and caring nature gave her insight into just the right ways to help us. Whether it was providing a timely word of encouragement or physically supporting me during a very long pushing phase, she knew just what to say or do at just the right time. She was a gift to us and to our little boy as we brought him into the world!”

Jagger’s Mama, Melanie V.

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“Our first baby’s birth was pretty rough and complicated. We wanted support prior to and during the labor of our second. Sherilee’s prenatal care was game-changing. She provided insight and helped us gain confidence that the second birth could be much better. ”

Roger B. 2nd Time Daddy

“Having Sherilee as our doula made a huge impact! I was able to have the birth I wanted and dreamed about. She was a huge part of our team that made it all possible. She helped my husband in a really big way making him feel secure and allowing him to stay calm and focused. He has said numerous times that he would have been freaking out the whole time if she hadn’t been there.”

Kristen M. Home Birth

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“Sherilee was our first call when my water broke and gave me the direction I needed. She recognized what worked and what didn’t and she was right where I needed her at all times (really quite amazing) without being in my way or overbearing. She was a great listener, compassionate and so patient. ”

Tawnya R. 1st Time Mama

“It was such a huge impact having Sherilee as our doula. Having her support throughout the process made us feel more confident and made me feel like I could just put all of my focus and attention in to my wife and not have to worry about the details. She was amazing at being our sounding board when we had to make tough decisions. Also, having a buffer between us and the doctors/nurses was super helpful.

I know my wife appreciated the fact that I had support as well. For her, having both myself and a doula with her she felt free to just let herself go and be in the moment not having to worry about anything else.

There is no way that we would have had such an amazing experience if it wasn’t for Sherilee’s help.”

Brian H, 1st Time Daddy

“I have no doubt that Sherilee’s presence made our birth experience one of confident perseverance, positive emotions, and allowed us to make it through without fear or doubt. Her knowledge of acupressure and use aromatherapy brought great comfort to me in labor.She was a calm and constant presence who never rushed the process. She was physically and emotionally supportive in times of medical challenges, soothing and offered information without bias. ”

Sara S. 1st Time Mama