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4 Reasons Every Mother Needs Acupuncture After Birth

Licensed Acupuncturist Megan Burns with Healing From Within Acupuncture, located in Vancouver, shares with us why every mama needs acupuncture after birth (no matter how old your baby is really!)

Why Get Acupuncture After Birth?

Pregnancy and birth are powerful life changing experiences. Acupuncture can support women through this important and beautiful transition by offering physical and emotional support. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine works to support optimal health for the mother and every mother should consider acupuncture after having a baby for these balancing and healing benefits!

Postpartum Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help with the recovery process after birth, support milk production and hormonal balance – all essential to a happier postpartum! Acupuncture aids in the body maintaining homeostasis (the body in it’s most optimal health) which creates a healthier, stronger, more supported and happier mama!

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How can acupuncture help postpartum Mothers?

1. Promote relaxation and stress reduction. 

Being a new parent can cause a wired but tired state.  Your nervous system is on high alert for the new baby. The lack of sleep and loss of sleep rhythm exacerbates the anxious, alert, and wired feeling. Acupuncture helps to calm the nervous system and allow for a sense of calm in the body and mind. This sense of calm can support a women with the many demands of newfound parenthood. When a mom feels grounded, this creates less anxiety, stress and can reduce the risk of postpartum depression, which every mama needs!

How acupuncture helps after having a baby

2. Help heal and rejuvenate from the physical birthing process.

Giving birth is a beautifully intense experience. Women use a large amount of qi and blood to create and birth a baby. In China, it was customary for women to take 30 days to rest and recover the qi and blood used during this time. This is far from customary in our culture.

We often see moms getting back to work and responsibilities after birth as fast as they can. Only to realize, this prolongs the healing time after birth. By using acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxa, (a warming therapy used on acupuncture points) and food therapy a women can be supported and nurtured back to balance after the journey of pregnancy and birth.

Portland Oregon birth and how acupuncture can help in postpartum

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3. Help the body come back into balance.

Each women has a unique Chinese medicine pattern. As a Certified Acupuncturist, I am trained to look at the underlying patterns and root cause of symptoms that are manifesting, such as postpartum anxiety and depression. By creating a diagnosis unique to each client, I am able to use specific Acupuncture points to lessen the root symptoms to allow the body to heal from birth and prepare for the new journey of parenthood.

Read this interesting study about the effectiveness of acupuncture and postpartum depression.

How acupuncture can help postpartum depression

4. Create a space and time for mom to heal.

Being a mother is a powerful experience. The Love for a child is fierce and consuming. Aside from the physical and mental support, acupuncture creates a time and space for you to employ self-care.  You are alone in a room healing for 30 minutes. Taking care of yourself and restoring homeostasis in your body are essential for your well-being.

Self-care is essential to a mother feeling supported and capable of the job of motherhood. Moms need to remember they will be better mothers when they take time for themselves and when they advocate for their own healing and recovery.

Postpartum acupuncture is such a powerfully beneficial treatment for a mother’s physical and emotional health after birth. Acupuncture after birth should be part of each mama’s postpartum plan! 

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Mom Life keeping you in? No excuses! You can have an IN-HOME appointment!

You hear how awesome and beneficial postpartum acupuncture can be! And now thinking, “sounds great, but I have a new baby!“. Megan does in office treatments at her clinic in Vancouver AND she provides In-Home appointments as well! So have your partner, mother-in-law or postpartum doula take care of baby for the hour, while you get the care you need! 

Pregnancy, labor and postpartum are all very special times and she would be honored to be able to support women and their families through this amazing process!!    

Request an In-Home or Office Acupuncture Appointment HERE!

Portland and Vancouver acupuncture for pregnancy and postpartum

Megan experienced a profound healing change through Chinese Medicine. At 37 weeks pregnant, her baby turned breech and she was facing a C-section. She sought out a local practitioner for acupuncture and moxibustion. After only two treatments, her baby righted herself!

Experiencing first hand the potency and effectiveness of this modality. Megan felt unequivocally drawn to study Acupuncture and to select Classical Chinese Medicine as the primary structure for her healing practice. 

Megan’s evolved specialties include pregnancy, labor support, postpartum care, women’s health, and pediatrics. Megan has had great success treating digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, vertigo, pain, MS support, and emotional well-being.

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