Portland hospital birth center visitor policy

Covid Hospital Visitor Policy – Portland metro area

These are current as of 2/24/2022 but things always change, so always contact your hospital or provider for the most current policies.

Even though many things in our world have gone back to “normal” as we move through years of the Coronavirus, having a baby still looks very different as far as visitor policies go at our local Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR hospitals. The days of having all your family and friends flow in and our of your birth room, order in pizza and invite the pizza guy to meet your baby…is a distant memory.

Here is an update to birthing families in the Portland metro area, so they can know what to expect at their chosen hospital in terms of the visitor policies. This information is also helpful for those birthing parents who want a solid birth team with the support of a birth doula (professional labor support). This hospital guide will tell you which hospitals allow doulas so you can have a balanced birth team with the inclusion of a doula AND a partner or other family member – you should not have to choose between these two support people!

Portland Kaiser Hospitals

Kaiser Portland Hospitals has most recently updated their visitor policy to be up to two (2) visitors during labor and birth. Once moved to the postpartum unit, only one (1) of these visitors is allowed there. Chosen visitors can have any title, but must be 15 years of age or older, wear a mask, and not roam the hospital. Click here for full hospital details. 

Legacy Health System Hospitals

There are many Legacy hospitals in the Vancouver and Portland, Oregon area. While they all have different styles and approaches, they are all holding to the same COVID-19 (Omicron) policies. They allow one (1) visitor per patient in the Hospital (but do know, at Legacy hospitals, your Doula does NOT COUNT as your visitor, so birthing people can have both!)

The Legacy Hospital system has gone out of thier way to be inclusive and supportive to the doulas and patients who desire to have a doula support them during their birth. They created a Doula Verification Program to verify a doula’s certifications and vaccination status, in which upon approval, certified birth doulas get their own badge and hospital privileges to support their birthing family clients with ease. This program created by Legacy has allowed professional birth doulas access to their clients in labor and a doula does NOT count as a visitor.

Visitor policy at Legacy Hospitals states that visitors need to 18 or older, pass a health screening, always wear a mask, stay 6 feet from others, wash hands and stay in the patient’s room. Click here for full hospital visitor policy details. 

The Legacy system hospitals include:




OHSU has a two(2) adult visitors allowance for Labor & Delivery. If a doula was attending the birth, the doula would be considered one (1) of the visitors. They require all visitors to be in good health and at least 18 years old.  There is no restriction on visiting hours. All visitors must wear a mask in the hospital and pass a health screening. Click here for full hospital details. 

Peacehealth Hospital

Peacehealth Hospital in Vancouver, Washington allows only one (1) support person in their Labor & Delivery unit. This chosen visitor will be the only visitor allowed in the birthplace during their stay, during labor, and postpartum. At this time, Peacehealth is the ONLY Vancouver and Portland hospital that limits a birthing person to only 1 visitor. Unfortunately, this limits a birthing person from having adequate birth support with a birth doula in addition to a partner or family member. Face masks and health screening are required. Click here for details on Peacehealth visitor policies

Providence Health System

At this time, Providence Hospitals are allowing two (2) consistent visitors for the duration of labor and birth. Chosen visitors can have any title, so if you have a doula they would be granted access and would be considered one of your visitors. Once moved to the postpartum unit, the limit is down to one (1) visitor only. The visitor will be given a purple band, can come and go from the hospital (if the birthing person is negative for COVID-19). Visitors cannot be changed out, masks and health screening is required upon admittance.

Free Standing Birth Centers in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA

Free-standing birth center in the Portland metro areas all have their own protocols and visitor policies. Be sure to connect with them to learn about how many people are allowed to attend your birth. As doulas, we have found these birth centers to be more inclusive of a birth team that the birthing parent desires and needs. Doulas are all supported and welcomed at the following birth centers.

Home birth in Portland & Vancouver, WA areas

Each homebirth midwife in the Portland metro area has thier own policy on visitors. Be sure to inquire if they have a limit of people in the home. From our experience as Portland doulas, all homebirth midwives have been allowing doulas in the home as an integral part of the birth support team with no restrictions. There are so many amazing homebirth midwives, here are a few of our trusted midwives we refer to.

When giving birth in such challenging times, it’s even more important to have a support team around you to help reduce fear and anxiety. Schedule a FREE Doula consult here if you’d like to learn more about how a doula can help you have a more peaceful and positive birth experience.

It’s been almost 2 full years since the Coronavirus became a household name and impacted visitors in our Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA hospitals Labor and Delivery. Interested to see what things were like in the hospitals back then? Read the initial Covid hospital guide from back in 2020.