Portland Postpartum doula and how the can improve your health

5 Ways a Postpartum Doula Can Improve Your Health

Did you know that hiring a postpartum doula could actually be good for your health? Doulas aren’t just there to attend to baby—they make sure that you’re getting the care the mom and dad need too. Along with education, simple self care like hydration, nutrition, and sleep are the doula’s priority and when these needs are met, parents can get mega health benefits! If mama ain’t happy and healthy…well, you know how it goes. Here are 5 reasons a Postpartum doula is good for your health!

Relieves pressure.

There are so many nerves, anxieties and concerns in the first weeks of parenthood. When leaving the hospital, new parents often feel overwhelmed with this new responsibility and not knowing how to care for baby. All these feelings can increase anxiety and high blood pressure. A postpartum doula is there as a resource, a guide and support through all the firsts, helping parents feel more calm and not alone.

Portland postpartum doula support helping new moms

Higher birth satisfaction.

Even though your birth is already over, postpartum doulas can help you to process the experience of labor and delivery in a healthy way. Maybe your family and friends can’t bear another tale from the delivery room, but your postpartum doula is there to listen and help you talk about what you went through.

Postpartum doulas are professionals in the birth process and can be the safe place to process your birth story. Having a safe place to share your feelings, reduces anxiety and also increases the oxytocin hormone flow, which allows us to feel more peace and grounded.

Confidence in making informed decisions.

Baby-wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding issues, swaddling, feeding routines…there are so many decisions and choices with a newborn. While doulas aren’t there to offer medical advice, their knowledge and experience can help you to work through decisions you have to make and to gain confidence in the choices you ultimately do make.

Confidence for both parents make for a more calm and peaceful household, even with the chaos of baby-life. Education brings confidence and having your postpartum doula to be your guide, instead of endless hours on google that can cause more confusion or worry sometimes.

Portland Postpartum doula and how they help the health of mom

Continuous Emotional and Physical Support.

A mother and father’s need for emotional and physical support doesn’t end when they leave the hospital. For many people, the postpartum period is a most critical time of need—and so often ignored. Coming home means sleepless nights, the challenge of establishing a feeding schedule, fears, and uncertainties. A postpartum doula stays by your side as you establish your new life with baby.

Whether it’s baby number one or five, the time following birth is a time of adjustment. A little help can go a long way—especially when it means getting some naps in the day. preparing nutritious snacks, washing the baby laundry, taking the dog for a walk or even a break from night duty. The experience of support is priceless. Knowing someone is caring for your family and in YOUR corner can bring much needed relief and reduce stress of this new normal. 

Portland Oregon mom and dad hold baby after Portland oregon hospital birth with a midwife

Reduces Risk of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

When mothers get exhausted, is isolated and doing mommyhood on their own, it is very common for there mood to dip into a darker, more negative depression or anxiety. But having a postpartum doula allows the mother to feel connected and cared for reduces this risk!

The mother will get the sleep they need to function and have better mental health. She will have time for self-care. And she is given time to truly share how she is feeling, the good and ugly. And sometimes this is enough for postpartum depression to be kept at bay. But when postpartum depression does occur, the postpartum doula is able to refer the mother to other professionals to get the care she needs to be her healthiest. The postpartum doula makes sure she does not slip through the cracks and gets the professional health support she needs. 

A mother’s health matters after birth, and a postpartum doula can be good for her health in so many ways. Schedule a FREE Postpartum Doula Consult to find the right fit doula to care for you after birth in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver WA areas.