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You ate what?! Why more moms are choosing to encapsulate their placenta?

When we talk about placenta encapsulation, we get a lot of different responses. Some are shocked, some are weirded out and to some, it just makes perfect sense. Talking about placenta pills definitely allows for some interesting conversation in the drive-through window grabbing your morning coffee. We have provided placenta services for over 10 years to the local Vancouver and Portland area, and are so passionate about this natural remedy for postpartum.

Why Placenta Encapsulation Is Gaining Popularity

Why?! Because our Mom clients are feeling the benefits and having more positive postpartum experiences, which makes us so very happy! So why is it becoming more popular? Here are 4 reasons placenta encapsulation is becoming a more normal and accepted choice. 

Portland Oregon Moms talking about placenta encapsulation

Moms are talking!

Moms talk! Playdates, stroller walks, nursing circles – moms talk about all things and their placenta pills definitely come up! For so long it was only thought of as something that only “hippie” mamas did. I know I thought that when I first gave birth in 2003.

But now, more mainstream moms talking about their experience with placenta encapsulation and the benefits they have felt. Many report increased energy, fewer mood swings, and a feeling of emotional well-being and balance in their postpartum when taking their placenta pills.

There is nothing more powerful than a friend’s true life experience. I applaud all moms who are stepping out and sharing their experiences – even when they could be met with a raised eyebrow. This truly has impacted so many moms in researching placenta encapsulation, who might have never even heard of it before. Moms learn from other moms! 

Portland Oregon mom taking placenta pills to help increase milk

Hospitals and Providers are Supportive

Since we’ve been doing this work for so long, we have seen great change in the hospitals and their support for placenta encapsulation. We are so excited that ALL the local hospitals in the Vancouver and Portland, Oregon area are supportive to women wanting to keep their placenta now!

There is a simple release form, the nurses will get you ice if you need and they understand your right to keep your own placenta. Almost all Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, WA Hospital staff are very supportive to those that want to encapsulate their placenta. They will always release it to you, as it is your legal right to have, granted there was an infection of course.

When moms-to-be talk to their provider about wanting to keep their placenta, they won’t need to make a big fight. The hospital staff are used to this choice and supportive to help give parents the things they want in their birth experience. It’s as simple as telling your doctor or midwife when you are pushing, “hey, we are going to keep the placenta.” You don’t need to “ask for permission”, just tell them your plan.

Below are the following Portland Oregon and Vancouver, WA hospitals that we work with and are all supportive of Placenta Encapsulation:

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety is Real

The stats are in! 80% of moms will have postpartum mood disorder after birth. 1 in 7 will have postpartum depression. And 10% of new moms will have postpartum anxiety. Simply put, the reason women can struggle with these postpartum experiences is the drastic drop in pregnancy hormones.

All of the pregnancy hormones live in the placenta. When that comes out after birth the mother’s hormone plummet. This can cause the weepies, baby blues, insomnia, hair loss, night sweats, and of course, the more severe moods such as anxiety and depression.

Portland Oregon placenta pills

The great news is, moms are more aware of these risks than ever. With awareness, they can prepare to prevent this huge hormonal swing, by encapsulating their placenta. The way we dose is that they are to decline over a 6-8 week period.

This way the body adjusts slowly and decreases the hormone over a slow period and many of the negative symptoms are avoided or prevented. It is not a replacement for pharmaceuticals when needed, but it can be a support.

So many women are anxious and worried about getting one of these severe postpartum disorders, and placenta encapsulation is a natural remedy that can help support the body, balancing the hormones. That is a huge reason why many of our clients choose to encapsulate!

Natural remedies and approaches are being respected.

We have a high regard for medical therapies and pharmaceuticals, however, there is a growing desire for natural and holistic healing alternatives. The organic and natural world is becoming more and more desired and respected. When mothers are worried about postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety, they want another option instead of the given pharmaceuticals.

Placenta pills can be a form of prevention or in addition to mental health therapies. Many moms feel more empowered in using this natural medicine as a form of prevention. They always know that if there is Western Medicine pharmaceuticals to help if needed but many like to try to use more natural prevention in the form of placenta capsules.

When parents realize that almost every other mammal consumes their placenta after birth, they have an “aha” moment. It’s really that simple. Nature has some wisdom and we are replicating this. Placenta encapsulation isn’t anything fancy or new, it’s natural and has been happening from the beginning of time. We just put it into placenta pills to make them more simple and appealing. We even have flavored capsules such as berry, strawberry, bubblegum, and mint!

Placenta capsules encapsulation in Portland Oregon

Real-Life Experiences with Placenta Encapsulation

I had issues with my first pregnancy, feeling emotionally unbalanced and overwhelmed. Didn’t want that to happen again so I did a lot of research about placenta encapsulation and after having this experience I’m so glad I did!

I felt energized, balanced and overall happy and content (even my husband can tell a difference which is great !) You were available throughout the entire process and answered all my questions quickly! You were kind, and professional, and I felt very comfortable with you through this process. It was so worth the money and I have been recommending placenta encapsulation to all my mommy friends!

– Carrie Z. (Vancouver, WA)

I can’t express my gratitude enough for Baby Nest and their placenta services! I had heard a lot about placenta encapsulation benefits, and with it being my first baby, I wanted to do all I could to have the most beautiful experience possible. Many of my friends stated they wished they’d done the encapsulation.

I am now almost 7 weeks Postpartum and can say it has been an absolute dream, I am so glad I did the placenta encapsulation. I have felt absolutely incredible!! No baby blues, no depression, no upset feelings whatsoever.

Sherilee (my placenta specialist) was very prompt on picking up my placenta from the hospital, and we felt very prepared for what to expect, ask for, etc. (Kaiser was great about this!!) and within less than 48 hours had my package ready. I got a placenta print, the cord keepsake, and the tincture + strawberry flavored capsules.

Then Sherilee drove at 10pm on a Monday night all the way to our home and dropped off the capsules!!!

Thank you so so so much! The placenta capsules helped me feel happy, present, and allowed me to enter motherhood in a wonderful state of mind making the absolute most of this incredible time I will never get back.”

– Mallory (Portland, Oregon)

I didn’t know much about placenta encapsulation when I decided to do it but I knew that I had terrible postpartum anxiety with my first son and wanted to try everything I could to avoid it this time.

First of all, the process was seamlessly easy. I told my birth team at the hospital that I was encapsulating and they knew what to do. Texted the placenta specialist after I had my baby and she came and collected it, encapsulated it, and dropped it off at my doorstep without me having to do anything.

I started taking the capsules when my son was 3 days old and took them until he was 6 weeks old. I didn’t have any symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety! My milk supply was great and I just felt better overall than I did with my first son. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend placenta encapsulation to all moms!”

– Meaghan B. (Portland, Oregon)

There is nothing better than reading real-life experiences from moms. For more local stories from Vancouver, WA and Portland, Oregon placenta encapsulations… Read more testimonials from moms here!

So how do you get Placenta Encapsulation Services?

Follow along as we guide you through the straightforward process of Placenta Encapsulation. We’ll break down each step, making it easy to understand and seamlessly integrate into your postpartum journey. Let’s demystify this natural remedy and explore how it can enhance your overall experience after childbirth.

Simple Steps to Reserve Your Placenta Services

Curious about how to secure your spot for placenta encapsulation? Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill out the Order Form: Complete the order form below and sign the contract to kickstart your placenta encapsulation journey.
  2. Pay $50 Deposit: Secure your space by submitting a $50 deposit along with your signed contract.
  3. Receive Detailed Instructions: Upon contract signing, you’ll receive comprehensive details on how to keep your placenta safe after birth.
  4. Welcome Your New Arrival: Have your baby! Celebrate the joyous moment of bringing your little one into the world.
  5. Contact Us for Pickup: Call or text us when your bundle of joy arrives, and we’ll promptly pick up the placenta that same day.
  6. Enjoy Bonding Time: While we work our magic, spend precious moments bonding with your baby. We’ll deliver the encapsulated placenta to you once the process is complete.
Placenta Encapsulation in Portland Oregon | Placenta encapsulation in Vancouver WA

Steps for After the Baby is Born | Client Responsibilities

We want to ensure a smooth process for you, so here are your responsibilities and contract guidelines:

  • Hospital Reminder: If birthing in a hospital, remind your care providers of your plan to keep the placenta both upon arrival and during pushing.
  • Disposable Freezer Bag: Purchase a disposable hot/cold freezer bag from Dollar Store, Target, or any grocery store in the freezer section. No styrofoam, please!
  • Keep It Cold: Maintain the cooler in an iced state until your specialist arrives. Placenta can remain at room temperature for up to 2 hours post-birth, refrigerate or put it on ice as soon as possible.
  • Communication is Key: Call or text us between 7 am and 9 pm to coordinate the placenta pickup.
  • Infection Notification: It’s crucial to inform your specialist if you are Group B Strep positive or if there is any infection in mom or baby within 72 hours post-birth.

Placenta Encapsulation Order Options

Gentle Method

  • Placenta is cleaned, sliced, dehydrated at 160 degrees, ground into a powder, and capsuled.
  • Yields the most capsules.

Balanced Method

  • Known as “The Chinese Method.”
  • Steamed and then dehydrated.
  • Recommended for those sensitive to iron or prone to anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Ideal for Group B Strep-positive individuals.

Choice of Capsule

  • Choose from Gelatin, Vegetarian, Berry, Mint, Orange, and Bubblegum capsules.

Make Sure to Hire a Trained & Certified Placenta Specialist

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your health and safety. You can find hobby-ist placenta encapsulators in the Portland, Oregon area but this is not a time to cut corners. You and your baby’s safety is involved and of utmost importance.

Your placenta specialist should be trained and certified. Ask about their cleaning standards and how many placentas they’ve encapsulated. Baby Nest Birth Services stands out:

  • Professional Certification: Our placenta specialists are quadruple certified with years of experience, ensuring the highest medical safety standards.
  • Inspecting for Safety: We inspect all placentas for abnormalities and won’t encapsulate if it’s deemed unsafe.
  • Trusted Referral Source: Recognized as the trusted referral source for over 10 years for placenta capsules in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR. Encapsulated over 1200 placenta and continue to provide the highest-quality care to our clients.

Want to add Placenta Encapsulation to your postpartum plans? Reserve your due date space here at www.babynestbirth.com. Reach out by text or phone if you have any questions at 360-525-3432 or info@babynestbirth.com

Sherilee Peters, owner and founder of Baby Nest Birth Services for over 18 years she has been supporting parents to have empowering births and postpartum experiences. Growing up on a recreational farm in Canada watching animals give birth from a young age is where she had her first realization of how natural the birth process could be. She is a mother of two, a Birth & Postpartum Doula, a Bradley Method Birth instructor and certified placenta specialist in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas.