the best essential oils for pregnancy and birth | A Portland Oregon birth doula tells how to use oils in the hospital

The Must Have Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Birth

Essential oils seem to be all the rage right now! They smell delicious, they have physical, mental, and emotional benefits and are affordable for everyday use. If you are healthy, low risk and mindful of proper usage, essential oils for …

Portland oregon dad holds his baby on his arm with tattoos and strong muscles with the words 9 Tips from a New Dad on how to be a strong birth partner below the baby

9 Tips from a New Dad on How to Be a Strong Birth Partner

First time parents, Haris and Cambria that took our Bradley Birth Class to prepare for their Vancouver, Washington home birth. Out of the 9 couples, they were the very first to meet their baby! The new daddy Haris, full of …

birth doula in portland oregon

Have Coffee With Our Doula, Inge-Lise!

Curious what a doula does, or why someone would choose this line of work?  

Our Baby Nest doula Inge-Lise, will tell you about her story and practice as a professional birth support in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.   

So grab a cup of tea or coffee, and learn more about what makes this doula tick and how this doula helps babies come into the world!